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Case Study

Content Management System


  • Document versioning
  • Live document editing
  • Workflow and approval process
  • Ability to search documents


  • Web application created using Drupal 9 which provides world-class document management capabilities.
  • Ambar was used to provide searching capabilities.
  • Deployed over the AWS Cloud platform.


  • Our client was able to increase the overall team performance by 75%.
  • That total paper usage was reduced by 80%.

Property Management System


  • Ability to showcase properties available for rent/sale.
  • Bidder and seller should be able to communicate over chat.
  • Advance search capabilities.
  • Ads Management for revenue generation


  • The platform was created using LAMP stack with Laravel as the development framework
  • Elasticsearch was used to provide searching capabilities.
  • Hosted on the AWS cloud to provide lightning-fast response time to the end-user.

Inventory Management System


  • Ability to track and record the movement of inventory in different locations and at different stages.
  • Live inventory reports.
  • Ability to generate procurement demand based on the preset inventory thresholds.


  • Odoo ERP’s inventory module was implemented to provide a world-class inventory management system.
  • Custom workflows were added to handle the client-specific use cases.
  • Deployed over Odoo.sh platform to make sure that the updates and performance are available as then when needed.

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